Happy 5th birthday little sunshine!

Mael’s birthday is on April 18th. We’ve  celebrated his 5th birthday with a trip to the zoo, a zebra-party and a family-party. Our sunshine was so happy and we are more than thankful, that he is doing fine and a happy little boy. We love you and will fight for many other birthdays!


March 2013 - a dream comes true

Maels dream was to see zebras once in Africa. We can't wait with such dreams, since we don't know how long he will be able to travel and how long he will be with us...On March 13th, his dream came true and we all flew to Southafrica for a wonderful time together. We really had a wonderful time, took many pictures and will keep this memories in our hearts forever!


December 2012 - Mael at swimming lessons

Mael loves being in the water and enjoys swimming in our pool at home in the summer. So that he can also regularly get into the water during the cold winter months, he attends a swimming course once a week at the local indoor pool in the winter. The water helps strengthen his muscles and exercise his lungs. For him it’s great fun, and even better when he’s in the water and can spend a happy hour with other children.

October 19, 2012 - Mael at pony riding lesson

Twice a month Mael goes riding at the Ponyhof Rämsiweid stable in Weggis. There  he not only rides, but also participates in the care and contact with the ponies. Riding also helps Mael to strengthen his torso muscles and improve his balance. He has already become a great little rider and is so happy visiting Bibi and Co.



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